'Volunteers Teaching Safe Boating' BRACEBRIDGE POWER & SAIL SQUADRON

             P.O. Box 2372 Bracebridge, Ontario  P1L 1T8                  Contact via e-mail: Ken Holland, Squadron Commander


Courses we intend to offer throughout the year;  Boating, Advanced Piloting, Celestial Navigation,  Weather, VHF / DSC,  GPS & Instructor Training.

If you are interested in any of these courses please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail if you wish more information. Jack McIrvine is our Training Officer  (705) 646-0763 or e-mail jdmcirvine@cogeco.ca and/or Ken Holland is our Squadron Commander (705)646-1765 or e-mail keholland29@yahoo.ca



2.     Boating - Are you a boater who would like to know more? This course consists of over 30 hours of classroom instruction covering such topics as government regulations, mandatory equipment requirements, rules of the road, operating boats under power and sail, aids to navigation, anchoring procedures, chart reading, plotting courses and responsibilities of the skipper.  Successful completion qualifies you for membership in CPS, and your pleasure craft operator certificate card. 

4.     Advanced Piloting - Coastal navigation with extensive chart work and several cruises to execute on paper.

5.     Celestial Navigation - Offshore navigation using the sextant to take sights on the  sun, moon, stars and planets.

6.     Weather - A course on understanding wind, waves, clouds, and storms. Warm and cold fronts, as well as high and low pressure systems.

7.     VHF / DSC - A short course on the use of VHF radio & Digital Selective Calling leading to an operator's Certificate. Recommended 6 sessions & includes Instructional DVD.

8.     GPS - A very brief overview of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and specific instruction on the use of your hand held GPS receiver. Also includes am Instructional DVD.

9.  For those who may be interested in teaching, we provide and Instructors Training Course.

10. We have available DVD's on the proper use of Distress  Signaling Devices.